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Beat the egg whites, put the sugar (preferably powder) in the rain, add the yolks (one by one), water, cocoa, honey, baking powder and flour, stirring constantly. The composition is baked for about 45 minutes.

Put the milk on the fire with 250 g of sugar, until it heats up, rub the flour with a little milk and put it in the pan, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and immediately add the margarine and coconut, stirring until cool.


I decided to dedicate Wednesday to astrology, because people know little about this field, they only know what the zodiac sign is and how it is influenced by the date of birth. So I went to the library and got some… Continue reading →


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Prayer for the Holy Great Martyr George, the bearer of victory

The troparion of the Holy Great Martyr George, the bearer of victory, 4th voice:

As a deliverer of the enslaved and the poor protector, the sick doctor, the helper of kings, the bearer of victory, the Great Martyr George, pray to Christ God to save our souls.

With good will you forced yourself by faith, the tormentor of Christ and the paganism of the tormentors you rebuked and you offered a well-received sacrifice to God. For this you also took the crown of victory with your holy prayers, you forgive everyone for their mistakes.

Singing 1, voice 1. Irmos: Resurrection Day…

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Above the sun shone your remembrance now, armed martyr of Christ. For like pre-luminous rays, you shed the radiance of miracles in all the radiant earth, light bearer, Holy Great Martyr George.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

The very host, the great conqueror, the fighter of Christ, give me to praise your struggles and bravery, which you have suffered manly, burning with longing for Christ, wise, Whom you live, rejoicing.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

You looked like a brave new David in wars, handy by hand. That like that Goliath, so you defeated the adversary, crushing him with the arrows of your words, Crowned George.

Verse: Most Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us.

How frightening, unspeakable and wonderful is your beautiful birth, Virgin. For as a Baby God, the All-Perfect, you have breastfed Him in the bosom of an amazing hearing: The Infant-Feeder, Mother without a man.

C3rd song. Irmos: Come and have a drink…

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Shine to us in all the praiseworthy remembrance of the servant of Christ, the one who goes with His Resurrection. In which gathering our faithful, enlightened to celebrate.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Rejoice the earth and the sky, the mountains and all the hills that rise, because rivers of miracles flow from us from above, Martyr George.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

All the earth and the human tribe and the sky together rejoice and the Angelic Army, that the first soldier of Christ, the Great Martyr George, now goes from heaven to earth.

Verse: Most Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us.

Rejoice and be glad, Marie, that yesterday the Cross of your Son passed like a sword through your heart, but as from a pantry in the tomb it rose.

C4th song. Irmos: At the Divine Guard…

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

He surpassed the empress from the south, the foremost, wise, Empress Alexandra now, that being astonished she ran to thy wisdom. For this she stands with you, martyr, at the right hand of God, as a queen.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

The pagan did not suffer the proofs of your words, he commanded to beat you over the mouth, Holy Martyr George, at least that it was struck, like a cymbal against it resounded, shouting: Christ alone is the True God.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

True friend of Christ and the greatest of His warriors, pre-illuminated light of the world, pre-luminous star, shining candlestick, the sleepless guardian of those who honor you, guard us, Holy Great Martyr George.

Verse: Most Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us.

Behold, you have given birth to a Pure Virgin and you have remained in it. Really wonderful wonder, scary, alien gilding! That God, the King of all, carrying Him in your arms, you breastfed Him as a Baby, Christ the Feeder, the Virgin.

C5th song. Irmos: Let's roll up our sleeves…

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Honest Resurrection of the Savior, the Resurrection, a praise to the Church by leaping and moving the bearer of battle now singing. For these two good things go together.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

O magnify thy miracle, O spring of miracles, good Glicherie, whose ox thou hast miraculously resurrected, and brought to the Lord thy living sacrifice.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

To praise your greatness, fill my mouth with praise, giving grace to my mind, Holy Martyr George. That my spirit rejoices when it sings to you.

Verse: Most Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us.

Most pure, as you were a Milk-fed Infant and a Virgin above the word, I do not understand this frightening Mystery! So honoring your birth, I worship you, my Most Holy Mistress.

C6th song. Irmos: Pogorâtu-Te-ai…

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Here to you and a happy order, on the Holy Martyr George, gathered by God for the people! It fills you with the grace of spring in a wonderful way. So rejoice together with his joy all.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Suffering the harsh torments of hard trials, you counted them as pleasures, enduring and singing to the Lord, magnified the voice of your prayers, as if in a whirlwind of thunder resounded.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Rejoice and leap the crowd of warriors, finding St. George now on this feast of the novice, and rejoice with him like David, that this day is of the Lord.

Verse: Most Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us.

And you gave birth again and again to the pure and first, frightening and unspeakable birth, the Virgin Mother who does not know the bridegroom, the Most High-born Who became an Infant as we are, giving birth to Him above the mind.

CONDAC, the 4th voice. Ornament: The One Who Ascended You…

Being worked by God, you have shown yourself to be an exalted worker of the true faith, gathering the ears of virtue. That by sowing with tears, with joy you reap and fight with blood you have taken Christ. And with your holy prayers, you forgive everyone for their mistakes.

Cthe 7th. Irmos: The One who menticed young people…

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

I want to praise your miracles and again I am ashamed because if I want to count them, they are more than the sand in number. So receive, my fighter, this brief praise of mine.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

There is no land, no sea, no city, no wilderness, where the full springs of your wonders may not be poured out, martyrs, for your wonderful name is sung in all the earth.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

The Angelic Army marvels at your battle, voivode, marveling at you. The King of Angels loved your beauty, martyr. For this, together with Him, the King has always made you worthy.

Verse: Most Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us.

Pre-lit Tent of God Worked, All-Golden Candlestick, Candle, Ark, Church in which God dwells, Wand that you have wonderfully groomed, Mother without a man, keep us who pray to you, Virgin, What are you with many appointments.

C8th song. Irmos: This one called…

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Singing like fragrant flowers, gathering from another heaven, that is, from the Psalter breathed by God, come to weave to the martyr a luminous crown of braided songs, that he has overcome by overcoming the power of Satan.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Come and tell the songwriter, the prophet, that right, which blossomed like a fennel, who and what is it? The much praised Martyr George is a tree with a real sweet fruit, nourishing hearts.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Come, show yourself, greet us with your nest, like an eagle with its golden wings warming us, always supporting us, spreading your wings, that it is good under your shadow to rest us.

Verse: Most Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us.

Behold, the One whom you foretold before, Prophet, the Virgin who conceived without seed, the Empress and Lady. And as a Mother she gave birth to the King of all, remaining completely without corruption: A foreign miracle is your birth, Virgin.

C9th. Irmos: Enlighten yourself, enlighten yourself…

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Dew too sweet for the dripping mountains and you especially the holy mountain jump. Dance now and rejoice enlightened, that you have found too great a mountain guard, the Great Martyr George.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

Praise now all the inheritances of the Gentiles together, bless, sing, and with one voice cry out: Rejoice, Savior, and joy of the faithful. Rejoice, too, the praise of the bearers of battle, Saint George Preaminunate.

Verse: Holy Great Martyr George, pray to God for us.

The beatings with the staff, the ostriches and the beatings with oxen, the iron shoes, the honor with the lime pit, and others that you have endured, suffering, martyrs of Christ, all make them happy and the wheel kisses her.

Verse: Holy Martyrs, pray to God for us.

Saint Dimitrie the Martyr, together with the Praised Martyr George, that you are both good, do not leave even now, guarding this place forever. And scatter all the multitudes of trials.

Verse: Most Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us.

The Magnification, the Beauty, and the Adornment of the Believers, the Delight of the Angels, and the Salvation of the World, Most Pure Mother of Christ God, guard those who run to thy Cover, my Mistress.

SEDELNA, the 8th voice. Adornment: On Wisdom and the Word…

With the faces of the true manly faith bearing you and the deception of the paganism subduing, martyrs, you trampled on the courage of the enemy and with Divine zeal igniting your mind, you extinguished the pride of the tyrants without God. For this, after your worthiness, you took a crown, a reward for your torments and you give healings to those who run to you in faith, the bearer of victory, Holy Great Martyr George. Pray to Christ God, forgiveness of mistakes, to give your remembrance to those who celebrate with holy love.

SEDELNA, the 8th voice. Decoration: On Wisdom and the Word…

The wealth below, the one on earth, distributing it to all, wise martyrs, you inherited the Heavenly Wealth with your labors because with the Most Pure Cross as with a plateau you clothed yourself and with it you shamed the courage of the tyrants. For this, with prayer, you give to those who pray to you the Divine gifts and the gifts of healing, the bearer of victory, Holy Great Martyr George. Pray to Christ God, forgiveness of mistakes to give to those who celebrate, with holy love your remembrance.

Razvan Exharhu reveals the perfect recipes for a healthier and tastier 1

If you haven't left Bucharest, here is a perfect option for a festive May Day, with good food and relaxation. Razvan Exarhu shares two of his favorite skewer recipes that he combines with. Netflix series.

When you say May 1st, you mean barbecues. But more recently, since the list of TV series to watch on Netflix is ​​getting longer and longer and you can't wait a few days off for binging, you could reconcile them both. Have grills and series. Răzvan Exarhu shows us how in this video:

Any fraer can make little May 1, drink beer and tan like tractor drivers. I have prepared two recipes for this holiday, which will leave you time for calm, luxury, pleasure, series and sofa. Look and #unitisalivăm. I'm cooking! Let the Great End begin!

Posted by Răzvan Exarhu on Saturday, April 28, 2018

Which series go best on May 1st

Stranger Things

If you haven't seen him before, you should hurry, because everyone is talking about him. Strange things are happening in Hawkins, Indiana, where the sudden disappearance of a boy coincides with the appearance of a girl with unearthly powers.

The perfect barbecue series. The grill lines do not disappear, but remain on the freshly marinated meat. You can watch your favorite episode with your friends who are with you on your work day. Nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of Columbia's drug cartel cartels.

My next guest needs no introduction - With David Letterman

TV legend David Letterman invites important personalities worldwide, in a talk show in which he has exciting discussions and reminisces memories. You can see: Obama, George Clooney, Malala and Jay-Z so far.

A financier is moving his family to the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, where he has to spend $ 500 million in five years to improve a drug dealer.

Black Mirror

This sci-fi anthology explores a technological and perverted near future, where the greatest innovations and the darkest instincts of mankind clash.

BoJack Horseman

He was successful until the 1990s, but now his glory is an ephemeral dream of the past. Twenty years later, BoJack Horseman tries to get everyone back on track. Sad, but humorous. Foolish, but very ironic. Have you ever met him?

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

A painful past haunts Jessica Jones. But her private detective talent will help her defend Hell's Kitchen from the man who traumatized her.

We start with the sheets for the countertop, four sheets of cocoa without flour. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites sprinkled with salt, then gradually add 125 g of sugar. The yolks are mixed with a pinch of salt and 125 g of sugar. Combine the two compositions and incorporate the cocoa.

In a baking tray lined with baking paper lay a sheet of cake sheet composition 1 cm thick. This will result in four sheets baking for 15 minutes at 190 degrees. Leave the sheets to cool, then cut them with the 24 cm cake ring.

For the mascarpone cream, froth the mascarpone with the sugar and a pinch of salt, then mix with the whipped cream.

For the salted caramel cream, caramelize the sugar with the water until it turns amber. Add the liquid cream and mix well until smooth, then add the butter cut into small pieces and mix again until the cream is smooth. At the end, add salt to taste. Allow the salted caramel cream to cool well before assembling the delicious salted caramel cake.

The cake will be assembled inside the circular shape with which we cut the sheets. Place the first sheet of cocoa at the base and spread 1/4 of the caramel cream over it, then 1/4 of the mascarpone cream. Next is the second sheet with cocoa, and caramel, mascarpone and so on, resulting in four uniform layers of sheets with delicious creams on top.

From the leftover leaves left after cutting, we make small cubes with which we decorate the delicious cake with salted caramel, on top. The result will be an extremely delicious and good-looking cake, which we will refrigerate for at least 2 hours before slicing, so that the layers can be placed well and nicely.

Oreo cake and chocolate

The Oreo and chocolate cake is a fine cake, with the right flavors, creamy and crunchy textures that complement each other perfectly!

How's the Oreo cream cookie? Well, you say he was there for a lifetime! :))

A cake without too much sugar (only on the counter and whipped cream) with lots of chocolate and mascarpone.

Ingredients Cake with Oreo and chocolate

For a countertop - 3 countertops with a diameter of 22 cm will be made

  • 2 eggs (6 eggs total)
  • 50 g sugar (150 g total sugar)
  • 50 g flour (150 g total flour)
  • 10 g cocoa (30 g total cocoa)
  • a knife tip salt

  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 300 ml water
  • 50 ml Amaretto

Milk chocolate cream

  • 200 g chocolate with 40-50% cocoa
  • 200 ml unsweetened cream (Pilos I used, with 30% fat)
  • a tablespoon of butter
  • 200 g mascarpone

White chocolate cream

  • 200 g white chocolate
  • 100 ml unsweetened whipped cream Pilos
  • a tablespoon of butter
  • 200 g mascarpone

To decorate the cake - whipped cream

  • 400 ml unsweetened whipped cream - I put LaDorna
  • 100 g mascarpone
  • a whipping cream envelope
  • 3 tablespoons sugar

  • 100 g chocolate with 54% cocoa
  • 100 ml unsweetened whipped cream
  • a teaspoon of butter

In addition - 2 large packages of Oreo Classic or Oreo with chocolate cream

Preparation Cake with Oreo and chocolate

Mix eggs, whole, until smooth, then add sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix for 5 minutes, until the mixture has doubled in volume and is very fluffy.

Add flour mixed with cocoa and mix with a spoon from bottom to top, stirring at the same time, circularly the bowl. Prepare a round tray with a diameter of 22 cm, put baking paper (only on the bottom, not on the sides), pour the mixture and level.

Bake in the preheated oven, at 170 degrees, for 15 minutes or until the toothpick test is passed.

Let it cool, detach it from the walls of the tray and remove it slightly, then turn, in turn, to prepare the other 2 countertops.

Caramelize the sugar until it turns amber.

Quench with cold water and cook for 3-4 minutes on low heat. We stop the fire and add Amaretto.

Milk chocolate cream.

Put the whipped cream in a bowl and bring it to the boil. Turn off the heat, add the chopped chocolate and leave for 2-3 minutes, then mix vigorously with a small whisk until smooth, and in the meantime add the butter.

Let cool, then refrigerate for a few hours or overnight.

Remove from the cold and mix for 30 seconds, then add mascarpone, mix lightly at first, then vigorously, until the cream becomes firm - Be careful to mix, stop in time, do not turn the cream into butter or cut it !

White chocolate cream.- We proceed exactly like milk chocolate cream.

Assembling Cake with Oreo and chocolate

Unwrap one of the Oreo cookie packets and remove the cream. Break the biscuits into small pieces.

We prepare a plate on which we put one of the countertops and mount a high cake ring (it helps to stick acetate foil or baking paper on the inside.

Syrup the first top with 1/3 of the syrup and spread the milk chocolate cream evenly.

We place the second countertop and syrup. In the white cream, incorporate half of the amount of Oreo biscuit pieces, then spread the cream over the counter and level.

Place the third top, syrup, then let the cake cool for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, mix the ingredients for the whipped cream, initially at low speed, then increase the speed until it becomes firm. We stop 4 tablespoons of cream for the hazelnuts from the decoration.

Remove the cake from the cold, lift the ring and peel off the acetate foil. We dress the cake evenly in whipped cream, let it cool and take care of it glaze.

Melt the ingredients on a steam bath or over low heat, then let the icing cool. When it is only slightly warm, we pour it lightly in the middle of the cake, and with a spatula we distribute it evenly, letting it drip on the sides as well.

When the icing is cold (refrigerate for 15 minutes), sprinkle 8 hazelnuts on top and lightly place an Oreo biscuit on top of each one.

At the base, decorate either with chocolate chips or with the remaining biscuit pieces.

Keep the cake cold and take it out of the fridge 15-20 minutes before serving.

You can find me on facebook at - GOOD POPE RECIPES

Diploma cake with biscuits and cream


  • 2 packets of biscuits
  • 4 yolks
  • 200 g sugar
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 500 ml of milk
  • 3 sachets of gelatin
  • 500 ml whipped cream
  • 1 can of pineapple
  • 3 oranges
  • 3 kiwis.

Ingredients for garnish

  • 200 ml whipped cream
  • 50 g sugar
  • 1 orange
  • 1 kiwi
  • 100 g of strawberries
  • 2 bananas.

Method of preparation

Dissolve the gelatin sachets in 3-4 tablespoons of orange juice or canned pineapple syrup, as desired. Put the yolks with 150 g of sugar in a saucepan over low heat and mix, then add the milk and flour. Stir constantly to avoid lumps or sticking. Keep the cream on the fire until it thickens, then set aside to cool for about 20 minutes.

When the cream has cooled, add a little heated gelatin in the microwave and mix well. Beat 500 ml whipped cream with 50 g sugar and incorporate into the yolk cream. Prepare the cake tray, arranging biscuits given through canned pineapple syrup all around and on the bottom of the tray, as evenly as possible, then cut the fruit into cubes.

Assemble the diplomat cake as follows: place a layer of cream over the layer of biscuits, a row of fruit mix, followed by other layers of cream and fruit, the last being a layer of cream. Refrigerate the cake for 5-6 hours or overnight, and when the cream has hardened, whip the cream with 50 g of sugar and garnish the cake.

Video: Αγάπη για διασκέδαση! Αγάπη μόνο (May 2022).


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