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Check out our favorite vegan recipe blogs

Do you have a favorite vegan recipe blog?

When you’re looking for amazing and creative recipes, checking out the blogosphere is always a good place to start — but with so many great food blogs (each one packed with delicious recipes that have been tested for accuracy and deliciousness), how do you choose which to follow?

If you’re looking for a few amazing vegan recipe blogs, good news — we’ve found five that are creative, beautifully photographed, and highly readable. Here are five vegan blogs that we love (in alphabetical order!):

Coconut and Berries

With a passion for good, clean food and a mission to use veganism as a means of becoming more connected to the world around her, Emma (the blogger and vegan foodie behind the blog Coconut and Berries) inspires her readers to eat more tasty plant-based foods. Try her quinoa-bean bites with chipotle mashed sweet potatoes; they’re delicious!

Oh She Glows

With far more than a handful of awards for her site and a New York Times best-selling cookbook, blogger Angela Liddon will have you racing to your kitchen to make delicious, meat-free, dairy-free recipes like her insanely beautiful roasted beet salad with hazelnuts, thyme, and balsamic reduction.

Pea Soup

Aine Carlin (the blogger behind Pea Soup, a vegan lifestyle blog and author of Keep it Vegan) may actually convince us to give up meat and dairy altogether — her vegan recipes are bright, colorful, and full of flavor. Don’t miss her corn chowder; it’s sure to be a go-to recipe for summer.

Talk about getting back to basics. Blogger Amanda and her husband/photographer Aaron take recipes that we know and love and simplify them to the most basic ingredients — all while making them completely vegan! And what’s not to love about vegan Funfetti Cupcakes?!

This Rawsome Vegan Life

Blogger Em says that she believes in “living as naturally, minimally, and sustainably as possible.” We think she should add “deliciously” to that list; just check out her raw carrot cake with cashew cream cheese frosting and you’ll see what we mean.

Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal’s Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.

20 Delicious and Healthy Vegan Food Blogs

I&rsquove been discovering so many amazing new blogs lately and I don&rsquot think they&rsquore all getting the recognition they deserve, so it&rsquos time for another round-up of healthy vegan food blogs!

I&rsquove shared a number of collections of my favourite vegan blogs. You can check them all out here:

If you&rsquore looking for more resources to help you on your plant-based journey, you may find these posts helpful:

20 of the Best Vegan Blogs to Follow

I know transitioning to a vegan diet can be a little intimidating at first, luckily vegan blogs offer a wealth of free information and it&rsquos a great place to start. They all post inspiring, beautiful, healthy recipes and support them with lovely writing and fantastic photography. Food blogging takes an incredible amount of work, so head on over and show these bloggers some love!

1. Vegan Richa

Amazing recipes, spectacular photography. Vegan Richa is one of the best in the vegan blogging world and I can&rsquot get enough. Buy the Vegan Richa cookbook.

2. Pickles & Honey

As I continue to learn and improve my food photography it&rsquos places like Pickles and Honey that continue to inspire me. I love her style of photography and her recipes are just to die for. She aims to brighten your day and help support you in creating a happier life. I&rsquod certainly say she&rsquos pointing me in that direction!

3. From My Bowl

I love the recipes and videos that Caitlin shares. They&rsquore easy to make, healthy, budget-friendly and mostly all gluten, oil and refined sugar-free. Check out her YouTube channel for tons of resources on a vegan lifestyle as well as cooking videos and more.

4. Vegan Yack Attack

When I stop by Jackie&rsquos blog to see what&rsquos new all I want to do is EAT ALL THE FOOD, all the beautifully photographed, plant-based, delicious food. Check out these Buffalo Chickpea Nachos, this Deconstructed Falafel Bowl and this Cranberry Walnut Vegan Cheese Ball to see what I mean.

5. Fork & Beans

Proceed with caution. Too much delicious ahead, and guess all egg, dairy and gluten-free. Watch for Healthy Ice Cream Sandwiches, Vegan Butterfingers, Gluten-Free Vegan Cranberry Bliss Bars&hellipyou&rsquove been warned.

Every time I visit Emma&rsquos blog I end up going on a pinning spree. Things like Vanilla Almond Butter Fudge, Chickpea Salad Stuffed Avocados and Butternut Squash with Pesto keep me coming back for more.

7. Minimalist Baker

Although Minimalist Baker didn&rsquot start as an exclusively vegan blog, I believe today all their recipes are plant-based are and you can easily find them all under the vegan recipes category. The amazing duo is one of my biggest food photography crushes, check out their Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles, Banana Crumb Muffins or this No-Bake PB & J Pie to see why. Buy the Minimalist Baker cookbook!

8. Oh She Glows

If you&rsquore a blog reader, you&rsquove most certainly heard of Oh She Glows. Angela is a healthy vegan eating superstar and anyone and everyone can find something they love on her site. I&rsquove made many of her recipes and they&rsquove all been fantastic. Buy the Oh She Glows cookbook!

9. Sprouted Kitchen

I&rsquove got a big time blog crush on Sprouted Kitchen. I absolutely adore Hugh&rsquos photography, the images always tell a lovely story with every recipe. I know how much work and patience it takes to photograph a dish along the way, so I really appreciate seeing it from the duo behind Sprouted Kitchen. I love Sara&rsquos food philosophy too, you can read more about it on her About page.

10. Allyson Kramer

I&rsquom pretty sure Allyson is a food lighting master, her photographs are amazing. Oh ya, and the recipes. You don&rsquot want to miss those. Just take a look at this spectacular Roasted Beet and Apple Soup or these Soft and Spicy Ginger Cookies.

11. My Whole Food Life

I dare you to visit Melissa&rsquos lovely blog and not drool just a little bit. I mean come on, Flourless Cookie Dough Truffles, Superfood Chocolate Bark and No-Bake Snickerdoodles? This vegan girl knows where it&rsquos at.

12. Blissful Basil

Ashley posts wonderful vegan recipes with beautiful photos and clear instructions. Her site is one of my favorites.

13. Sweet Simple Vegan

Sweet Simple Vegan is run by a vegan couple who share fun, fresh, healthy and simple recipes.

14. I Love Vegan

I Love Vegan is a vegan lifestyle blog that not only has a ton of wholesome recipes but also features a lot of great how-tows and tips for eating a vegan diet.

You&rsquoll definitely want to bookmark this site and visit it often. Since Kathy has been blogging and sharing recipes for so long, her site is an invaluable resource for healthy, plant-based recipes. I&rsquove made many recipes from her site and loved them all. Buy the Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen cookbook.

16. Rawsome Vegan Life

I&rsquom pretty sure Emily is a vegan raw food genius. If you need dessert, her blog is always a good place to start looking. She&rsquos also my food photography hero, I could browse her gorgeous posts all day long.

17. Keepin&rsquo It Kind

18. Hell Ya It&rsquos Vegan

I think you could find all the vegan recipes you&rsquoll ever need on Claryn&rsquos site. Things like Walnut Lentil Beet Burgers and Cranberry Scones with Lemon Glaze will keep you coming back for more and since she posts a lot of &ldquoveganized&rdquo versions of classic dishes it&rsquos a great place for new vegans.

19. Connoisseurus Veg

I just couldn&rsquot leave Alissa out of this list, I mean just look at that header. How awesome is that? But don&rsquot worry she follows up the T-Rex with plenty of delicious recipes. You won&rsquot be disappointed.

20. Fragrant Vanilla Cake

No list of vegan food blogs could be complete without Fragrant Vanilla Cake. If you&rsquore in need of dessert, this is the place to go. Amy is the raw dessert queen and I&rsquom pretty sure she can do no wrong. Her recipes are creative, beautiful, nutritious and made from whole food ingredients.

More Vegan Blogs to Follow

That&rsquos barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the multitude of amazing vegan blogs providing free content for us all. I&rsquove shared quite a few more and you can find them all below. And of course, don&rsquot forget to browse the Running on Real Food recipe archive!

Annie Oliverio’s An Unrefined Vegan Is One Of The Best Vegan Blogs

If Vogue made a vegan blog, it would probably look just like An Unrefined Vegan.

This is not just about food but it’s food with style.

Annie’s given up office work in search of a simpler more satisfying life.

She’s found it in telling the world about unbleached, unprocessed and cruelty-free meal options.

She says she spends her life dreaming of new ways to make food exciting and delicious.

Try her oil-free curried couscous and vegetable salad. It’s the perfect light lunch when you need a quick energy boost but don’t want to eat unhealthily.

The 11 Food Bloggers Every Vegan Should Follow

All recipes call for no more than 10 ingredients, can be made in one bowl, or take under 30 minutes to make!

Vegan Richa is well-known for her delicious vegan versions of classic Indian recipes and step-by-step photos with easy-to-understand instructions.

Created in 2011, Olives for Dinner is an amazing place to find veganized Asian-inspired dishes and home-style classics.

This all-vegan food blog features a wide variety of recipes that are both decadent and healthy. Let’s not forget the gorgeous pics!

These recipes (and the beautiful photos that accompany them) are proof that vegan diets are anything but dull.

Healthy vegan recipes with no more than eight ingredients? It doesn’t get much easier than this. BONUS: All of the recipes are oil-free!

Isa Chandra Moskowitz, the famed cookbook author behind this classic blog, has been bringing home-style vegan recipes to eager readers for over a decade.

This blog features plant-based recipes from cookbook author Kathy Patalsky that are pretty much guaranteed to be good.

This allergen-friendly blog features tons of fun, fresh recipes even kids will love — like this dairy-free breakfast banana split!

This blog has a “Veganize Everything” section where the author does just that, creating tasty plant-based versions of popular comfort foods.

Author Kristy Turner creates fabulous vegan dishes that are visually stunning and will please even the most devout meat eater.

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6. Vegetable Potato Fritters with Vegan Sriracha Mayonnaise

These potato fritters with red lentils are super easy to make and so delicious! They’re best with spicy sriracha mayonnaise. The recipe for these fritters is of course 100 % vegan!

Reader Feedback: Bethany: “I made these for the second time tonight and they were great. My husband and I finished off the entire batch hah. I also love that they really are pretty quick. The lentils cook in the time that it takes to prep everything else so it makes it really easy and fast. Thanks for the recipe! It’s a keeper for me!”

Vegan Chinese Cooking Is Easy!

Luckily, the great thing about Chinese cuisine is that in many cases (e.g., your average stir fry, dumpling, noodle recipe, etc.) it’s pretty easy to swap out major ingredients like meat for veggies.

We have tons of recipes that can be tweaked and adjusted to be made into vegan recipes, and plenty of vegan takes on Chinese American and fusion dishes.

But today, we wanted to call out some of our favorite, traditional Chinese dishes that also happen to be vegan! These Chinese vegan dishes don’t need any tweaking get in your daily dose of veggies and plant-based proteins. Plus, there are great options here to help you continue to celebrate the start of Chinese New Year!

We hope the vegans and vegetarians out there find a recipe here to change up your routine, or that anyone can find a recipe to give a go for Meatless Mondays.

Best Asian Food Blogs

Did you enjoy the Indian recipes above?

Why don’t we go further east and explore other Asian cuisines?

Here’s a list of the top food blogs to follow in 2021 if you’re into Asian food:

96. Panlasang Pinoy

Founder(s): Vanjo Merano

If you’ve ever been in the Philippines, you may be familiar with some of the recipes in Panlasang Pinoy. Every dish you can find in Filipino restaurants, from adobo to lumpia appetizers, can be found on the site.

97. The Woks of Life

Founder(s): Bill, Judy, Sarah, and Kaitlin Leung

No matter where you are, Chinese cuisine is probably well-received in your area.

The Woks of Life can save you the trouble of driving to the nearest Chinese restaurant. With easy-to-follow, visual recipe pages, you can make dishes like Hunan beef and Chinese soup dumplings right in your kitchen.

98. China Sichuan Food

Founder(s): Elaine Luo

Don’t be fooled by the blog’s name — China Sichuan Food has recipes for you from beyond the Sichuan province. Among the most popular recipes on the site are the authentic kung pao chicken and “jiaozi” or Chinese dumplings.

99. My Korean Kitchen

Founder(s): Sue Pressey

The Korean cuisine is popular for its variety of barbecues, and you’ll learn all about them from My Korean Kitchen. You will also learn how to make Korean appetizers, drinks, kimchi, noodles, meat dishes, and even baby food.

100. Just One Cookbook

Founder(s): Namiko Hirasawa Chen

So far, we’ve covered blogs on the Filipino, Chinese, and Korean cuisines.

What about the flavors of Japanese food?

For that, Just One Cookbook has got you covered. The blog can teach you about savory Japanese noodles, tasty sushi, traditional sweets, and more.

101. Spice the Plate

Founder(s): Emma Tang

Reading the Spice the Plate blog is a great way to get into Asian cooking.

On top of the authentic Asian recipes, the site also has a couple of guides and a shop section. These can certainly help home cooks get their feet wet in the Asian culinary arts.

102. Hungry Huy

Founder(s): Bryan Huy Vu

You can’t forget about Vietnamese food when talking about Asian cuisines.

Hungry Huy unpacks the science, culture, and recipes of the Vietnamese cuisine with easy-to-follow recipe pages. The recipe categories on the site are appetizers, snacks, main dishes, salads, desserts, and soups.

103. Steamy Kitchen

Founder(s): Jaden Hair

Steamy Kitchen will bolster your Asian cooking skills not just with over 1,000 recipes, but also with useful “Cooking Shortcuts.” These are guides that will help you make the most out of the Asian cooking experience.

104. Chopstick Chronicles

Founder(s): Shihoku Ura and Elizabeth McClelland

Chopstick Chronicles specializes in authentic, Japanese staple dishes like the udon noodles, ramen, and onigiri. They also have recipes for a variety of Japanese snacks, including mochi ice cream, dango, and Japanese custard pudding.

105. Japanese Cooking 101

Founder(s): Yuko Yagi and Noriko Yura

If you’re the sort of cook who likes to experiment with recipes, you can take inspiration from Japanese Cooking 101. The blog offers videos and detailed recipe pages not just for traditional Japanese dishes, but also a bunch of fusions.

106. Pickled Plum

Founder(s): Caroline Phelps

Pickled Plum largely covers Asian recipes like the Hong Kong-style fried rice and Korean bibimbap bowl. However, the site also has French, Mexican, and a slew of western recipes — most of which with an Asian twist.


There you have it — the best 106 best food blogs I’ve ever encountered.

With a nigh uncountable number of food blogs on the web, it’ll be extremely difficult to create a definitive list.

That’s why I need your help in making this post more complete.

Please, leave a comment below if you think I missed your favorite food blog. Also, don’t hesitate to post questions or share your feedback on what you just read.

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