Stuffed bread

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Mix the yeast with the sugar, salt and a little warm milk and let it grow.

Put the rest of the milk on the fire with the butter, and leave it until the butter has melted

In a bowl we put the flour (I initially put about 400 g then I added along the way), the egg, the yeast and the butter mixed with milk and we start to mix first with a fork until everything is homogenized.

Fill with flour and put your hands to work until the result is a suitable soft but elastic dough.

Allow the dough to rise until it doubles in volume.

In the meantime we make the filling.

Cut the sausage into small cubes and fry in a little oil.

Peel an onion, cut it into cubes and put it to harden until it softens, then add the minced meat and let it cook together until the meat changes color.

Add salt, pepper, coriander, crushed garlic (I had the mujdei ready) and mix well.

Towards the end, add the fried sausage and turn off the heat.

Set aside until completely cooled.

After it has cooled, add 3 eggs and mix well. Add the finely chopped dill and parsley and the filling is ready :)

After the dough has risen, break the pieces and spread the sheets..Put the filling on each sheet and roll it. We do this with all the pieces of dough ..

I put the rolls in a round tray. My tray was small and I put only 2 of the rollers and I baked the other one separately.

Grease with well beaten egg and put in the oven until nicely browned.

The hot bread is very good, but also after it has cooled.

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