Boeuf salad

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We clean the vegetables and boil them: we boil the potatoes in their skins, separately from the roots, and the peas separately from the rest.

Boil the chicken breast with a pinch of salt.

When they are cooked, let them cool and peel the potatoes.

We cut the vegetables into small cubes and the pickles as well. We will squeeze the pickles very well in the hands, not just drained, otherwise they will leave their water in mayonnaise and it will not be pleasant at all.

I made mayonnaise from 4 yolks because I hit some small eggs, but 3 yolks would be enough. Mayonnaise I think everyone knows how to do yes?

Finely chop the meat and mix it with all the vegetables, add a teaspoon of mustard and mayonnaise as you like (about 3 quarters of the amount, keep the rest for garnish).

Mix well with a spoon and taste of salt. Be careful, however, you may be wrong from the point of view of salt, the pickles are also salty and sour, but until they taste with the vegetables you will not realize very well how much salt to put, however, a powder of salt does not hurt! You can also put finely ground pepper, about 1/2 teaspoon. It won't come out spicy, I guarantee!

After I mixed it well and matched it with salt, pepper and sour cream (pickle each one as much as he likes, I put a bowl), place it on a plate and decorate it with the rest of the mayonnaise. In the pictures there are some decorating ideas, I don't throw away the egg whites either and I use them either shaved or make mice out of them. It can be decorated only with olives, or with donuts and carrots, I leave it to you to create a work of art :-), I created mine.

It is kept cold and is served at any time with pleasure and good cheer!

Have fun, I'll make another portion tomorrow as if it was made for me too