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And because I miss the Sea ,,, and I don't think I'll be there too soon, I'll delight you with a portion of fish as I like to tell them :)

Pisces - Recipes

On the eve of the pre-selections for the new MasterChef season on Pro TV, Sorin Bontea, the juror you never see smiling, tells us about cooking, but also about a lesser known passion of his: fishing. Find out more about Chef Bontea and cook fish according to a recipe of his.

LR: Dear Sorin, do you still remember your first culinary success?
Chef Sorin Bontea: Not realy. When I first entered the kitchen I took things more as a toy. At that time I did not think that I would embrace this profession. But I remember that when I was alone at home I cooked for my friends: once I made them over anchovies, put them in corn and put them on toothpicks. I think that was the first culinary success.
LR: You said you spent a lot of time with your mother in the kitchen. What can you say you learned from her in the kitchen?
Chef Sorin Bontea: I first learned respect for the kitchen and the pleasure of cooking.

LR: What is it like to cook for 800 soldiers, as you did during your military service - mandatory in the past? Do you remember a comic episode or just out of the ordinary since then?
Chef Sorin Bontea: Cooking for 800 soldiers would not be a big problem if you did it in an equipped kitchen, but considering that I cooked with country kitchens, with a kind of diesel boilers on wheels, it was not Easy. Staying outside regardless of the weather, in the rain, in the wind, in the sun is not easy at all. A tragi-comic incident I would say was when one of these days one of these kitchens did not work as I thought and happened to be the one where I had to boil beans. The soldiers were waiting to eat at lunch, as usual, but they ate 3 hours late! And from that I was instructed as on the front.
LR: If you've been working so hard on cruise ships, can you brag that you've seen everyone?
Chef Sorin Bontea: It would be very difficult for me to list all the countries I have seen and their cultures, but it is easier for me to tell you what continents I have not seen: Africa and some countries in South America.
LR: How did this work experience put pressure on your family life? How old are your children, Miruna and Iulian? Do you think they will inherit your culinary talent?
Chef Sorin Bontea: This profession, by its very nature, puts a lot of pressure on the chefs, but also on their families. As an example, I can tell you that on all holidays you are at work. Miruna is 10 years old, and Iulian is 17 and I think Miruna inherits something from my talent, at least until this age I noticed, I don't know what it will be like when she grows up.
LR: How passionate about fishing are you? Are there really recurring water and navigation issues in your life? Do we understand that fish is your favorite ingredient?
Chef Sorin Bontea: I am very passionate about fishing, in my opinion it is one of the best ways to relax. I don't know if water and sailing are really recurring themes. I like fishing and I like it when my time allows. And I can say that fish is my favorite.

LR: Do you remember what you cooked for Nicolas Cage? What about John Bon Jovi?
Chef Sorin Bontea: For Nicolas Cage I cooked a foie gras duo, which is a combination of hot and cold, sweet and salty and molecular cuisine.
LR: Can it be said that MasteChef changed your life?
Chef Sorin Bontea: Definitely the MasterChef show changed my life for the better & # 8230 But it's also a little harder part of becoming a public figure.
LR: What kind of cuisine do you like, because I understand that you are familiar with a lot of national cuisines?
Chef Sorin Bontea: I do not have a specific cuisine that I like more than another, because each in its own way is special and must be appreciated.
LR: Please give us a recipe for members of the culinary community in the World of Recipes.
Chef Sorin Bontea: If it's all about fish, we'll cook fish.


fillets over white, onion, garlic, celery, tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, parsley, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

Method of preparation

In a frying pan put olive oil, chopped onion, cook for a minute, then add the julienned celery, leave for another minute, then put the pepper cut in the same way, diced tomatoes, garlic cut into thin slices , let it boil for two minutes, then season with salt and pepper and put the larger chopped parsley and broken basil.

Be careful, vegetables must be more raw!

Put a little olive oil in a tray, put the fish fillet seasoned with salt and pepper and place the vegetables and the sauce obtained. Put in the oven well heated for 5-6 minutes depending on the thickness of the fish.

When it is ready and you have placed it on the plate, sprinkle it with a little olive oil and a fresh basil leaf.

Stick to the house

Today I bring you a recipe that I have known since childhood - Home sticks. They baked in the country, once a week, when the bread was baked. We, the children, were waiting for them with great pleasure and, as soon as we received a hot stick, we sprinkled it with sugar or greased it with magic. It is our delight!

Of course, times have changed and today we serve the recipe for homemade glues with cream cheese, sophisticated pies, tuna or smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella or various cheeses. But, as soon as I took them out of the pan and Sergiu swallowed one breathlessly, he told me that he also ate them as a child, in their area he called them "cakes" and that they reminded him of the time spent with his grandparents in Moldova. & # x1f5a4

Now, whether you want to serve them simple, with classic or modern toppings, homemade glues are a wonderful alternative to classic bread or bagel. You can prepare them yourself, they don't need leavening time and you can easily turn them even into a pizza counter! Grease them with a little tomato sauce, put a few slices of mozzarella and your favorite salami, slices of capers or peppers and put everything in the oven heated to 200 ° C for 10 minutes. The pizza on the stick is ready!

Homemade glues - a recipe that will surely fit in your notebook! & # x1f5a4

Ingredients for 6 homemade glues:

  • 400g Belbake flour
  • one sachet Belbake dry yeast (7g)
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 120ml warm water
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil (50ml)

Ingredients for topping:

  • red onion cut fish
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • cream cheese Pilos
  • tuna in olive oil / Nixe water

All the ingredients for the delicious Homemade Glue recipe are waiting for you LIDL stores & # x1f5a4

We put all the ingredients for the countertop in the food processor. Stir, using the plastic dough knife, until we have a homogeneous dough, which is gathered in a ball. Move the dough on the table powdered with flour, knead to give it a round shape. Place the dough in a clean bowl, greased with a little olive oil. Cover with a towel and leave to rise for 30 minutes.

Cut the dough into 6 equal parts. On the table greased with a little olive oil, we roll with the help of a twister the 10x20cm and 2-3mm thick glue. Bake the sticks in the grill pan, over a moderate to low heat, until they are nicely browned on both sides and triple their initial thickness. You can also use a normal frying pan, but the grill cigarette gives those glues those beautiful traces and makes them more attractive.

Once baked, the sticks are ready to be served, as such, simple, but also instead of bread or with various toppings. We chose Luca's favorite combination: natural cream cheese, tuna, sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes and, of course, slices of red onion, water. Good appetite for the recipe Stick to the house!

Bavarian salad

1. Wash the potatoes well and boil them in salted water, in their skins.

2. The 4 eggs are boiled hard, and the pickled cucumbers are cut into cubes. Cut onions into fish.

3. Once the potatoes are cooked, peel them, cut them into cubes and mix them immediately with the mayonnaise, while they are warm. Add the rest of the ingredients, the cucumbers well drained of the juice they leave, salt and pepper.

4. Two hard boiled eggs are added to the salad, and the other two are sliced ​​and used as a decoration.

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Feng Shui arrangements that bring prosperity

Feng shui refers to the energy of a place. Some call it the Chinese art of arranging furniture and housing, so as to invite well-being and health. Others call it telluric astrology. In any case, the art of feng shui seeks the most harmonious place for every thing in the universe. Why not look for it for your favorite bed, desk, table and armchair?

Some architects wonder if the inexplicable 'sick building syndrome', in which residents suffer from strange states of exhaustion or illness, is just another name for negative feng shui. Once harmony is created in the house, you can enjoy peace, prosperity, happiness, health, love and luck.

You do not believe? All you have to do is try. The rules are very simple, they cost nothing, and they can change your life.

Rules for placing the installations and furniture in each room

This is a very important room in the Chinese tradition, because here is the source of feeding the family. Feng Shui states that the cook should never be taken by surprise & # 8211 therefore, the stove and cooking table should always be placed so that the cook is always facing the door and can see who is entering.

If this is not possible, try hanging a wind chime or a transparent crystal between the stove and the kitchen door.

Feng shui remedy

Another traditional remedy is to mount a mirror on the wall above the stove, so that the cook can see the kitchen door while working. Put a plant with green leaves, which blooms periodically.

If the first thing you see when you open the bathroom door is the sink, then you've come across the worst possible feng shui. Along with the water (the symbol of money) from the sink, goes your financial luck.

Ideally, the sink should be placed in a service bathroom. If this is not possible, hide the bathroom sink behind a frosted glass wall or shower.

Feng shui remedy

Hang a bright transparent crystal near the bathroom door or mount a mirror above the door. Pastel shades are indicated for coloring bathroom walls, but pearl cream is by far the luckiest color for the bathroom. Candles and scented oils complete the restoration of the positive energy of this room.

If you want to have a restful sleep, choose as a bedroom the room furthest from the entrance to the house. The position of the bedroom door also determines the best location of the bed: in the opposite corner, on the diagonal of the room, so that, from the bed, you can have a wide view of the entrance. If you have a bedroom that is too small and the bed reaches the door, you can use other ways to correct the flow of energy.

Feng shui remedy

Hang the wind chime or a crystal between the bed and the door, or a shining crystal in the window. A lamp with a shade in pastel colors will also increase the harmonious energy. If the bed is placed on the wall where the door is located, a mirror mounted on the opposite wall can perfectly reflect the image of those entering, solving the problem.

The round or octagonal table encourages the installation of harmony, unlike other shapes. In the art of feng shui, rectangular tables create disharmony & # 8211 the longer they are, the more conflicting they are.

Feng shui remedy

A chandelier placed above the table brings back harmony. The mirror brings prosperity, especially if it visually "doubles" the image of abundance on the table.

In modern houses, this room can be considered & # 8220inima & # 8221 of the home, because in it the residents gather most often and spend more time together. Ideally, this room should be square or rectangular, but also the circular or octagonal shapes emanate a positive feng shui.

Choose furniture with rounded corners for this room and put your sofa in the & # 8220power & # 8221 place, ie in the area on the wall opposite the entrance, on the diagonal of the room. Ideally, there should be a single door here, all the other doors representing energy drainage channels such as the fireplace, against which mirrors are used, above it.

Feng shui remedy

A piano in the living room in the prosperity area (in the left corner of the room, on the wall opposite the door) can get you out of the financial deadlock.

Study room

If you are worried that the junior is not learning enough and well enough, dedicate the room located as close as possible to the entrance to the house or apartment to the study space. If, on the contrary, you are afraid that it could become a library mouse, choose for the study room the room as far away from the main entrance as possible. Place the desk so that the occupant faces the door, but as far away from it as possible, preferably in the opposite corner, diagonally.

Feng shui remedy

If the desk is facing a wall and cannot be moved, fix a mirror on the wall above it that reflects the image of the door. Obviously, with the same beneficial effects, you can mount a transparent quartz crystal between the door and the desk. Don't forget the plants!

Change your destiny with the scenery

Feng shui experts often apply the "eight-sided technique" to homes to change the chances of its tenants. This ancient technique associates an area in the room of the eight treasures of life: prosperity, celebrity, marriage and romantic relationships, children, those who support you, career, wisdom and family or health.

A positive change of energy in the physical environment around you will lead to positive changes in other aspects of life. Finding the specified areas in your home or room is a more complex procedure, but in short, you still have a simple guide to using feng shui remedies to reactivate certain areas of your life.

Marriage and / or love

If you want to get married or want to improve your existing relationship, place a white vase with red flowers in the wedding area & # 8211 right corner of the room, opposite, diagonally, entrance doors.

If you want a new love, feng shui masters urge you to place a red fan with a white ribbon in the same area.

The prosperity area is located in the left corner of the room, on the wall opposite the entrance. Traditionally, it is activated by a green plant with round leaves, under which are placed a few coins wrapped in red paper.


If you want to become famous, place a celestial remedy in red, yellow and green in the celebrity section (in the center of the wall opposite the door).

If you need help, place a black and white object in the right corner of the room, on the side of the entrance.

The quarry area is right in front of the entrance, when it is placed centrally. The colors that energize it are black, green and white. So, if you need a promotion, combine the above colors in plants or decorative objects and place them next to the door.

If you are worried about your health, place a fish tank in the health area, on the wall to the left of the entrance. Put six red fish and one black fish in it. The green aquarium plants will complete the triad of remedy colors of this area (red, green, black).

How to make peasant eggplant in the oven

eggplant we will wash and cut them into thin strips.

Bell peppers they will be baked (on a grill or on a flat grill) and placed in a covered bowl (to soften the skin and clean more easily), and will be cleaned of the skin, stalks and seeds (wash under running water). .

In a Teflon pan with oil hot will be put to harden onion cleaned and cut fish (how translucent it will become) about 5-10 minutes, stirring constantly with a spatula.

Tomatoes they will be scalded for a few minutes (5-8 minutes) in boiling water, then cleaned of skin and cut into thin slices.

a Jena rectangular vessel, anointed with oil will put a layer of tomato slices, then a layer of eggplant strips, a layer of peppers coarsely cut strips, onion quality, then slices of tomatoes and so on until the ingredients are finished (the last layer should be slices of tomatoes).

Garlic it will be cleaned, cut into thin slices and put over the vegetables at the end (for taste and aroma), seasoned everything by spreading with salt and pepper to taste.

Optional, if it will not be a fasting food, it can be added cheese race / parmesan race abundantly, then put the dish in the preheated oven at 190 degrees for about 20-25 minutes (while the cheese will melt and the liquid in the bowl will be well reduced)

Peasant eggplants in the oven can be served hot with 1-2 tablespoons sour cream or cold as such.

Maintaining an aquarium

Many people believe that maintaining an aquarium is a complicated and time consuming operation. Despite these opinions, an aquarium can be maintained with a minimum of time allocated per week if a few important steps are followed:

  • Water exchange should be done weekly in a proportion of about 30%. The amount of new water introduced into the aquarium is treated with water connection solutions such as: EasyLife Filter Medium, Jbl Biotopol, Sera Aquatan, Tetra AquaSafe
  • Gravel creasing it is done with the help of substrate vacuum cleaners such as Sera Gravel Washer or vacuum cleaner with pump. Through the siphoning process, along with the water from the aquarium, the particles deposited both on and in the gravel are also aspirated.
  • Window cleaning it is made with the help of magnets, scrapers or special sponges that have a rough surface that cleans algae and limestone but does not scratch the aquarium glass.
  • Cleaning the filters it should only be done when the flow decreases. The washing of the filter media is done in the water taken out of the aquarium in order not to completely destroy the colonies of beneficial bacteria. If the filter has several media, they can be washed in turn. Biological environments do not wash energetically, they just rinse. After cleaning the filters, solutions based on live bacteria can be introduced that restore the colonies of bacteria such as EasyLife Easy Start, Jbl Denitrol.

These steps are done at the actual exchange of water and last a maximum of one hour at a large aquarium once a week. There are a number of measures that ensure optimal parametric operation:

  • Avoid overcrowding with fish. Every fish needs a volume of water. For small fish up to 4-5 cm (which are the most common) this volume is about 1-1.5 l / cm of fish length.
  • Avoid overeating. In most cases, the fish are fed a small amount once a day so that they are eaten quickly and do not fall into the bottom of the pool. The food that falls to the bottom of the aquarium is generally no longer eaten and leads through the process of decomposition to the alteration of water quality.
  • Feeding with proper food. When feeding fish we must take into account what food they eat in nature and where they feed. Thus we have fish with a predominantly carnivorous diet, omnivorous fish and fish with a predominantly herbivorous diet. Adapting food from this point of view will increase the rate of food acceptance. From the point of view of the place where they feed, the fish that feed on the surface will be fed with flakes and granules that sink slowly, the fish that feed between waters (the middle area of ​​the aquarium) will be fed with granules with faster diving, and bottom fish (sanitary) will be fed with pills.
  • LIGHTING it is very important because if it is not done properly it can generate an abundant growth of algae and increase the maintenance time of the aquarium. The light stays on for an average of 8-10 hours a day and if possible divide this period in two with a break of about 4 hours.

A beautiful and healthy aquarium is conditioned by many more factors, but if these steps are followed, the time spent on maintaining the aquarium will decrease and we will have more time to watch and enjoy the fish.

Maze Fish: Gurami and Paradise Fish, tropical freshwater species suitable for an aquarium

Betta Splendens

Maze fish are tropical freshwater species that swim in freshwater lakes and rivers in the warmest regions of the world, in South America, Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Central Africa. Numerous species of freshwater fish are known to live in tropical freshwaters, in the tens of thousands. This is only a great joy for aquarists, because they can always buy new species to discover their interesting way of life.

The labyrinthine fish are part of the Anabantidae family and have the peculiarity of having a special organ in their skull that allows them to breathe atmospheric air (outside the water) and which has the shape of a labyrinth. This is also why they are called maze fish. Aquarists must make it easier for these fish to breathe atmospheric air on the surface of the water, so that there is no impediment to not being able to do so because otherwise the fish will suffocate by filling the breathing organ with water.

The labyrinthine fish have a smaller dorsal fin than the anal one, and the scales on the surface of the body are rather poorly developed. Another special feature of labyrinthine fish is the modified pelvic fins, which have the shape of very thin long antennae provided on their surface with very sensitive special cells, which fulfill the role of taste buds used to detect food in the dark waters of the natural habitat where they live. . Also, the way of spawning during the breeding period is very unique in these labyrinthine fish. The eggs are taken by the male from the female, they are fertilized by him, then stored by him in foam nests on the surface of the water or on the upper part of the aquatic plants in the aquarium. The eggs are collected one by one from the fish with the mouth and transported in the foam nest, which is previously made by him from air bubbles glued with viscous saliva. The male has the habit of guarding the eggs and is aggressive towards the female, he does not let her approach them. Eggs should always be positioned as close as possible to the surface of the water because when they hatch, small fish can easily learn to breathe atmospheric air. Labyrinth fish are very prolific but the risk of small fish dying shortly after being released from eggs is quite high. These fish are very beautifully colored and easy to maintain so they are mainly recommended especially for beginner aquarists. The recommended food is fresh, especially for Betta fish, but for other species, dry food can also be used.

The most representative species of maze fish is Guram. One of the most peaceful is the dwarf gourami that should not be kept with aggressive fish, especially if the latter are also large. Dwarf Gurami tends to hide so it needs shelters or abundant aquatic vegetation, at the same time it is a territorial species so it needs an area that is only its own. Being a labyrinth fish, it is distinguished by the special organ through which it breathes atmospheric air when it swims on the surface of the water and sticks its head out. The female differs from the male by the color of the body which can vary from blue, to red and other shades. The food of these fish consists of shrimp, mosquito larvae, small live, dried or frozen aquatic invertebrates. The temperature in the aquarium should be 22-28 degrees Celsius.

Another fish that has the peculiarity of breathing atmospheric air is Bett (the best known being the species Betta Splendens, Betta Simplex, Betta Imbellis and others) from Southeast Asia. This fish has a labyrinth of bone plates behind its eyes, through which it absorbs oxygen from the atmosphere. According to specialists in this species, breathing through the gills is insufficient, which causes it to rise to the surface of the water and swallow air and thus achieve a normal gas exchange that helps it survive. Having this rather rare feature, we also understand the fish's preference to always swim in very clear and well-oxygenated waters. Betta fish are carnivores, so their food consists of aquatic insects or small invertebrates in the water, live or frozen. Compared to other species of fish, Betta are appreciated by aquarists for their very beautiful appearance highlighted by the cylindrical body and the veils in the shape of veils. Also, the color is remarkable especially for the male specimens, which take advantage of this during the mating period to impress the females. Females are always smaller and their color is less intense. Also, their fins are less developed than in males.

Pestele paradis & # 8211 Macropodus opercularis

Pisces paradise is a species of labyrinthine fish native to South Asia, southern China and southern Vietnam, Korea and Taiwan. Prefers shallow watercourses, ponds, lakes and rice fields. It has the scientific name of Macropodus opercularis and is a resistant species, recommended for aquarists. It has a body length of up to 8-11 cm and breeds in an aquarium where the water temperature must be 24 degrees Celsius. The male differs from the female by the appearance of larger and longer fins (anal and dorsal) and by the narrow, fringed and elongated tail fin. Also, the color of the male is more beautiful, especially during the reproduction period, its shades of blue and red become electrifying, and in the female, on the other hand, the color becomes gray-gray-faded. The diet for paradise fish must be rich (because it eats quite a lot), consisting of live food: mud worms or live tubifex. The ideal temperature in the aquarium should be 26-27 degrees Celsius, but can also vary between 22-28 degrees Celsius. Water hardness should be low and the pH 6.5-7. Given that paradise fish are very aggressive, it is best to buy a male and 3 females. It can be kept in the aquarium with other peaceful fish only if the latter are larger. In this species, the foam nest is built by the male on the aquatic plants as close as possible to the water surface, but the fertilized eggs are carried in the mouth by both the male and the female. They hatch after 2 days and thus appear the small fish that must be protected by the male in order not to be eaten by him. To do this, move the male to another aquarium or move the small fish to another container, as the aquarist wants.

Video & # 8211 Fish maze gurami (spawning):

The delicious chocolate contains anandamide, a chemical compound with an effect similar to that of marijuana. Of course, we refer to the situations in which chocolate is consumed in a significant amount.

A British study showed that only 20 grams of moldy cheese consumed before bed can disrupt sleep, causing bizarre dreams and nightmares. Prolonged consumption during the day has the same effect.

Fortunately, for most of us, this type of cheese is a delicacy, which we do not consume so often as to provoke this type of reaction.

Cook with me Recipes from home - Florin Dumitrescu

Cook with me, cook with him: with Chef Florin Dumitrescu!

Starting with his last editorial appearance, everyone can cook like a real chef. The mastery of perfect recipes is no longer just for luxury restaurants. Starting with the first recipe, you can turn your kitchen into your own 5-star restaurant with exceptional recipes for you and your loved ones!

This time I am not in the position of juror, mentor or culinary authority. Today, here, I am just a gourmet, and my love for food is above the passion for cooking.

Because, before being a chef, I was a child, son and grandson, and the memories, feelings, tastes I came in contact with at that time formed me as an adult.

Florin Dumitrecut cooks today with me, but also with us all in a volume with exceptional recipes that can be prepared right at home. If you watched his many appearances in specialized shows and you wanted to be able to try the most innovative recipes, now it is more than possible!

If you want to start your day with an English breakfast, a Bolognese pasta lunch or a seafood dinner, now you can do all these things under the guidance of one of the most popular chefs in Romania: Chef Florin Dumitrescu.

Before being a chef, I am a friend, lover, colleague, and interpersonal relationships made me understand how important those around us are in our personal and professional evolution. Before being a chef, I am a husband and father, and today I know that the food I cook for my loved ones is better than any culinary experience at a pretentious restaurant, because it is cooked with a lot of love.

In my first year of apprenticeship in the kitchen I had to help everyone. I didn't necessarily have a department to take care of, I was the good guy at everything. I was sweeping, wiping the tiles, cleaning the vegetables, cleaning the fish scales, taking out the garbage, choosing the ugly and beautiful vegetables. I was doing the job that every apprentice has to do in a kitchen.

It was one thing I didn't like to do. the smoked fish was cleaned of bones. I wanted to take my sole and grand dreams of becoming a chef and run away. There was a lot of pressure on me, by the chef, the cook, and even the woman from the dishes who, when she passed me, said to me: "you see that you have lost a bone".

Browsing through a recipe of over 170 pages, I was overwhelmed by the lightness with which any recipe is explained. Cook with me is not just a title, this sentence is a call to the opportunity to try something new and to be able to pamper yourself but also your loved ones with all kinds of modern recipes.

I was always sweating from my "battle" with smoked fish. When I cleaned it of small bones I had to keep the crumbly meat intact and that was not easy at all! But, this is the beginning of anyone, in any profession. It takes a long time for you to realize that your job is very important for the smooth running of things.

Outlined in today's standards, Chef Chef Florin Dumitrescu's recipes will teach you how to reinterpret the idea of ​​cooking. From the mundane recipes we are all used to, we can now safely practice the most playful dishes.

Daca imi scapa vreun os mic in vascheta cu peste curatat deveneam, brusc, "persona non-grata" in bucatarie. La vremea aceea nu intelegeam de ce era atat de important sa curat atat de bine pestele ala! De parca oamenii, acasa, cand mananca peste afumat, nu sunt in stare sa se descurce singuri cu oasele.

Mai tarziu am inteles ca fiecare restaurant are stilul si specificul lui si ca restaurantul unde lucram era unul cu pretentii si plin de clienti obisnuiti cu o anumita calitate. Stefan, bucatarul sef si mentorul meu, avea o vorba, care m-a ghidat dupa aceea in meseria mea, si anume: "cand gatesti, trebuie sa te pui in locul clientului si, daca iti este greu sa mananci ceva ce ai gatit sau il mesteci cu dificultate, nu iti faci meseria cum trebuie".

Bine, nu este cuvant cu cuvant ce mi-a spus el, dar cam asta am inteles eu. Treaba mea cu pestele afumat era foarte importanta, fiind un proces meticulos, care necesita multa atentie, o treaba pe care bucatarii de linie nu ar fi avut timp sa o faca, iar clientii nostri nu trebuiau sa depuna niciun efort atata timp cat luau masa in restaurantul nostru. Totul trebuia sa fie ca la carte.

Obisnuiesc sa mai fac acasa, din cand in cand, salata cu peste afumat. Este o salata pe care imi place sa o mananc vara sau primavara. Si daca acum cativa ani detestam mirosul de peste afumat, azi il ador!

Nu este intocmai reteta de restaurant, dar principiul este acelasi. Se curata pestele afumat de oase si de piele si se pastreaza cat mai intacta carnea. O sa vedeti cat este de greu sa faceti asta pentru prima salata, pentru care veti avea nevoie de cativa pestisori, dar cu timpul, va intrati in mana.

Contrar asteptarilor, cartea aceasta nu este despre meseria de bucatar. Nu este despre restaurante, despre fine-dining, despre stele Michelin, retete elaborate sau plating minimalist. De aceasta data nu sunt in postura de jurat, mentor sau autoritate in domeniul culinar. Azi, aici, sunt doar un gurmand, iar dragostea mea pentru mancare este mai presus de pasiunea de a gati.

Am scris o carte despre mine, despre povestile si amintirile mele legate de preparatele pe care azi le gatesc acasa, cele care mi-au format gustul si cele care acum formeaza gustul copiilor mei. Pentru ca, inainte de toate, sunt un om, cu amintiri si visuri, iar veselia fetelor mele cand facem o paine impreuna sau zambetul sotiei mele cand pregatesc desertul care ii poarta numele nu se compara cu nimic.

Nu este o carte de bucate tipica. Nu este o insiruire de retete. Este mai degraba o carte despre povestile importante din viata mea, legate de diferite retete si preparate. De la mancarurile bunicii mele, cele cu care am crescut, la retete care mi-au marcat cariera, pana la preparatele care m-au facut sa inteleg cat de mult conteaza sa gatesti cu drag si din iubire.

Aceasta carte este povestea mea, spusa pe limbajul gustului si e pentru cei care gatesc acasa, din pasiune sau de nevoie, pentru cei care pun pe masa celor dragi bucati din sufletul lor…”

Eu am incercat deja cateva dintre retetele cuprinse in acest volum si sunt extraordinare! Acestea fiind spuse, te provoc! Gateste cu mine, Florin Dumitrescu.