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The Lambs Club Unveils Stunning Pasta Menu

The Lambs Club Unveils Stunning Pasta Menu

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Five new housemade pastas rival the city’s best Italian spots

Dan Myers

Housemade spaghetti alla bottarga is rich and briny from uni, and chiles add a hit of spiciness.

Geoffrey Zakarian’s The Lambs Club, located just off Times Square on 44th Street in the Chatwal Hotel, is a welcome port in the Times Square storm. Service is professional and friendly, and it’s a must-visit for anyone looking for a place to eat before seeing a Broadway show.

Just in time for a bitterly cold winter, they’ve unveiled a handful of pastas. Housemade and classic, they rival the pastas served at the city’s finest Italian restaurants, and would be right at home on the menu at Babbo or Del Posto.

We had the opportunity to sample all the pastas, and would strongly recommend them. Housemade spaghetti alla bottarga (top) is rich and briny from uni, and chiles add a hit of spiciness. Melt-in-your-mouth ricotta gnudi are light and take three days to prepare according to the chef, and the addition of big chunks of king crab, crispy artichokes, and shellfish butter make this dish nothing short of irresistible. Bucatini all’Amatriciana is about as traditional as can be, and is made with fresh pasta (they have a special extruder in the kitchen) instead of the more common dried. Housemade garganelli with ragu Bolognese is rich and satisfying, as is the housemade oxtail agnolotti with Sicilian pistachio, brown butter, and vinegar.

If you’re looking for a stellar pasta dish in Midtown, make sure you keep The Lambs Club in mind.

We Tested 4 Popular Baked Ziti Recipes and It Was Impossible to Pick a Winner

Baked ziti is, without question, my all-time favorite pasta dish. You get all the satisfaction of lasagna — baked pasta, tomato sauce, and plenty of cheese — but it’s far easier and faster to make (and the sooner I can dig in the better).

While baked ziti has roots in Italy (oven-baked pastas, or “pasta al forno,” have been made in Italy for centuries), it’s a decidedly Italian-American dish. The comforting casserole is a go-to for potlucks, a staple on restaurant menus, and the centerpiece of many Sunday dinners. And while most zitis contain the same basic components, there are a lot of differing opinions on how to make the best.

In order to find my forever go-to recipe, I decided to put four of the most popular ones in a head-to-head battle. In this bake-off I was determined to answer some of the perennial baked ziti questions: Ricotta, or no ricotta? Homemade marinara, or keep it simple with store-bought? Ground beef, ground pork, or Italian sausage?

After all of this baking and testing and tasting, I wish I could tell you I came away with a clear winner, but every single recipe was simply superb! This is going to sound dramatic, but I agonized over which one should win. I tried dropping off samples to my friends in the hope they’d reach a consensus, but every single person had a different opinion. Ultimately, I considered that a testament to how great each of these recipes are, which is why I declared all of them winners.

Pasty recipes

From traditional Cornish to a stunning tear & share picnic centrepiece, we've got a pastry parcel for every taste and occasion!

Curried potato pasties

These are delicious warm with salad and chutney or cold, in packed lunches. They can be baked straight from frozen, too

Cornish pasty

Reawaken childhood memories of summer holidays with Sara Buenfeld's eat-by-the-sea favourite, the Cornish pasty

Lighter Cornish pasties

Angela Nilsen retains the taste but halves the fat of these traditional pastry bakes by using beef skirt and less butter in the pastry

Scotch egg pasties

Two picnic favourites in one - try them with piccalilli or brown sauce for an extra kick

Venison, stilton & rosemary pasties

These buttery venison pasties could be prepared ahead of time then heated in the oven until golden brown when you need a warming winter snack

Cheese & Marmite pasties

Love it or hate it, Marmite works beautifully with cheese and onion when baked up in shortcrust parcels

Mini cheese & onion pasties

Rustle up these little cheese and onion pasties for a family picnic. If you won't eat all 12, they freeze well and can be cooked straight from frozen

The dishes

Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino

This is a classic ‘empty larder’ recipe, but by using a generous amount of great quality extra virgin olive oil, you can achieve a highly satisfying result. Let the garlic gently turn golden brown simmering in a pan with the oil, add the desired amount of chilli and season the cooked and drained spaghetti with the flavoured oil, removing the garlic. Once on the plate, you can add a sprinkle of parsley.

Spaghetti al pomodoro

If you ask an Italian chef which single recipe is best at evaluating a cook's skills, they will tell you spaghetti al pomodoro. The secret is using fresh and tasty sun-ripened tomatoes without overcooking them, or very good quality tinned peeled tomatoes, a little bit of garlic and fresh basil leaves to give scent during cooking. Put a fresh basil leaf on the top of the finished dish for an additional Mediterranean touch.

Fettuccine al pomodoro

This is northern Italy's response to spaghetti al pomodoro the typical, not-too-thin egg pasta is seasoned with a rich, slowly-cooked tomato sauce (with or without meat in the former case you would call it a ‘quick ragù’) and flavoured with a generous amount of freshly grated Parmesan or Grana Padano cheese.


Are you comfortable with the idea of eating green pasta? Don't worry – the colour is completely natural, coming from the creamy mix of fresh basil leaves (PDO-protected Genovese basil if possible, since the original recipe is from Liguria and its aroma is unique), garlic, coarse salt, pine nuts, grated Pecorino and Parmesan with a drizzle of delicate extra virgin olive oil. The original recipe requires gentle grinding with a pestle and mortar so as not to ‘heat’ the raw ingredients. Pesto sauce is usually used to season long pasta such as spaghetti or trenette (similar to spaghetti but with an elliptical instead of round shape) or with short pasta such as trofie. A local version also includes potatoes and green beans.

Spaghetti alla puttanesca

Another delicious ‘last minute’ recipe, very common in Naples and Southern Italy, especially during summer when the tomatoes are amazingly tasty and the weather too hot to spend long hours in the kitchen. Basically a richer version of spaghetti al pomodoro, puttanesca also includes capers, oregano and the delicious black Gaeta olives, which give the dish its unique, savoury taste. Some more modern recipes also include anchovies and chilli. The curious name – which is an Italian word for prostitute – is said to refer to the fact that it was a popular dish in Neapolitan brothels.


If tomatoes are the staple of Naples and Southern Italian cooking, Pecorino cheese and guanciale (cured pork made from pig cheek) are the staples in Rome. Starting from these two intensely tasty ingredients, a number of delicious pasta recipes were born. One of these is amatriciana – many Italians still quarrel about how to name it, with or without the initial ‘a’ (matriciana), but the name clearly refers to the mountain village of Amatrice, where the best guanciale comes from. It is one of the most popular Roman recipes a rich and flavourful pasta dish made with tomato sauce, small crunchy guanciale chunks and plenty of grated Pecorino cheese. An older version of the recipe called gricia, still very popular in Rome's restaurants, did not include tomato, and adding other ingredients such as garlic or onion would result in fierce resentment from any proper Italian foodie. Amatriciana sauce can go both with long (spaghetti or the thicker bucatini, with a hole – buco – running through the centre) and short pasta, namely rigatoni (ridged pasta can better hold the sauce). In 2008, Italy issued a special stamp dedicated to amatriciana.

The only 10 curry recipes you'll ever need

Tadka dal and Keralan chicken curry are staples for an Indian feast Credit: Maunika Gorwardhan

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N ational Curry Week begins today with events taking place across the country to celebrate one of Britain's most popular dishes.

In order to inspire us, the chef and food writer Maunika Gowardhan has shared her top 10 recipes for the perfect Indian feast. She has included classics such as Tandoori and butter chicken, as well as vegetarian options and plenty of side dishes for an amazing, spicy spread.

Many of these recipes are simple to follow, quick and healthy, so what's stopping you? Invite your friends round and cook up an authentic curry dinner with all the trimmings.

've been making this routinely during the fall/winter since it was published in Wine Spectator. It never disappoints. takes me back to Italy. Even though I've been making it for years, I still underestimate the time it takes. Not so much active time, but simmer time. Enjoy!

This was stunning and almost easier than I could imagine. Mouthwatering and spot-hitting. As I'd never made it before (or anything by this chef), I followed the directions exactly with the exception of finishing the sauce 1/2 hour ahead of when guests were due and letting it sit covered while we had a sparkler and starters. I bought Cipriani's pappardelle online from amazon and used 1 1/2 packages (8.5 oz each). There were four of us three had seconds and there's enough leftover for two small servings for dinner tonight. Bought the Barbera, too. Perfect pairing. Instead of a typical salad, I sautéed chopped broccoli rabe and thin slices of fennel with garlic and served that to the side of the pasta in the same large, shallow bowl. Bravo and thanks!

Liver recipes

If you’ve grown up being forced to eat badly cooked versions or the idea of offal in general isn’t your thing, you’ve probably steered clear of liver on restaurant menus and in recipes. But you’re actually missing out on a fantastic piece of meat, which when cooked correctly melts in the mouth.

If you’re a newcomer to the world of liver, start off slow with Dominic Chapman’s Duck livers on toast with whisky cream sauce – you’ll be quickly converted. Calf’s liver has gained a bit of a bad reputation over the years for being tough and leathery, but people are starting to realise its potential thanks to top chefs serving it in their restaurants. Try cooking James Durrant’s Calf’s liver with sage salsa verde, caper, raisins, potatoes and crispy ham or Bryan Webb’s Terrine of calves liver to experience it at home.

Got your hands on some pork liver? Try Marcello Tully’s Stir-fried pork liver with fried beansprouts, and if lamb’s your thing Josh Eggleton’s Spiced lamb faggot with carrot purée can’t be beaten.

Menu Ideas, Dinner Party Course Recipes Easy Elegant Meal Ideas for Fine Dining

8 course
Beef Tenderloin Steak
beef stuffed, beautifully presented on a sculpted tomato petal for a special dinner recipes

3 course
black pasta, mushroom hazelnut salad, coffee granita, shrimp cocktail, chocolate molten lava cake

5 course
Beef Tenderloin Valentine Menu
shrimp cocktail, arugula salad, sorbet, ice cream heart for a special dinner recipes

3 course
loin chops, crab appetizer, hasselback potatoes and mini apple pies party

7 course
Lamb Loin Chops
perfectly roasted and garnished with a sculptured potato rose for delicious dinner recipes

3 course
lobster in beurre monte with fresh spinach

Cornish Hens

6 course
Cornish Hens
served over savory Wild Rice and a prime Shiitake Mushroom Sauce
8 course
Cornish Hens
easy delicious menu, make
most everything ahead

8 course
Cornish Hens with Blackberry Sauce
roasted hens served over a delicious blackberry sauce

3 course
Stuffed with Spinach and Boursin Cheese

Breasts Coated with Chips and Baked

8 course
Baked Salmon Roulade
served on a Potato Galette and a prime beurre blanc sauce

3 course
trout in puff pastry, gaufrette baskets
go well with trout

6 course
coconut shrimp with
a delicious dipping
sauce, an excellent
dinner combination easy to do!

3 course
veal entree with
baby artichokes and
a strawberry dessert

more main meal party recipes


60+ of Our Favorite Easter Dinner Recipes for a Truly Celebrational Feast

From drinks to dinner, sides to dessert, we've got the entire menu sorted.

Sure, winter holidays meals are great. But if you ask us, the best holiday feast of them all is Easter dinner. It's (typically) cool enough that the idea of warming up the kitchen with a big roast doesn't feel entirely out of the question, and yet there are a ton of great vegetables that are suddenly in season: asparagus, radishes, peas, and artichokes, just to name a few.

Whether you need delicious Easter side dishes, like the shaved asparagus salad or pearl couscous with leeks, or satisfying main courses such as the prosciutto-wrapped pork tenderloin or cedar plank salmon, these recipes will be your guide. Don't forget about making a delicious Easter cake or dessert, such as the candy egg peanut butter blondies or orange-chamomile cake!

To encourage the soufflé to climb up the sides of the dish, grease the dish with butter and sprinkle it with sugar. The sugar prevents the soufflé from sticking to the sides.

Think of clafoutis as the happy middle ground between a soft custard and floury cake. This rich, dark chocolate version skips the traditional cherries and subs in raspberries instead.

Since 1995, Epicurious has been the ultimate food resource for the home cook, with daily kitchen tips, fun cooking videos, and, oh yeah, over 33,000 recipes.

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Watch the video: Chef Sidney Degaine from MONA Fresh Italian Food makes fresh pasta (May 2022).


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