Traditional Easter

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Dough preparation:

The mayonnaise is made first. Put the yeast with a little warm milk and a little sugar.

The rest of the milk is added with mineral water and left to boil.

When the milk is hot, add over 200 g of flour, this to scald the flour a little, and mix well so as not to make lumps.

Leave the flour to cool and after it has cooled, mix it with the mayo.

Pour over the rest of the flour and mix with the yolks and sour cream, it should be at room temperature.

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and the rest of the sugar and then mix with the rest of the composition.

Melt the butter together with the vanilla sugar and pour it, while it is hot, over the dough.

Knead well until the dough forms blisters and then put it back in a warm place, covering the bowl with a towel, until it grows a little.

While it is fermenting, we make the filling:

Preparation of the filling:

The sweet cheese is drained, if it is juicy.

Mix the cheese well with the rest of the ingredients, rubbing until the cheese is creamy, and finally add the raisins.

After our dough has risen, take out 1/3 of it and make it a round shape, as big as the shape in which we place the dough.

From the rest of the dough we put a little to one side, for the cross.

For the braid on the edge of the pasca, we make two rolls of dough that we weave. We put the braid on the edge of the pan around it.

Let it rise a little for 5 minutes and then put the filling in the middle.

We make a cross in the middle of it.

On top we put the two beaten eggs, both over the dough and over the filling.

Put in the oven well heated until browned, over medium heat.

Immediately after removing the Easter, grease it with sugar syrup.

It is eaten from Easter to Ascension.

Good appetite!

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