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Drinking Water Might Just Make You Smarter

Drinking Water Might Just Make You Smarter

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A new study found that when drinking water, subjects were often better and quicker at mental tests

In case you're suffering from severe writer's block, as we are, here's a handy tip to wake that brain up: drink water.

The benefits of drinking water are well known, but a new study confirms that when you drink water, your brain works faster.

Researchers at the University of East London School of Psychology in England discovered that when adults drink water, they tend to have better concentration and perform better on mental tests.

The study, which was published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, had participants come in on two days after not eating or drinking after 9 p.m. On one day, they were given a cereal bar. On another, they were given a cereal bar and about 3 cups of water.

The participants were then given a reaction test, where they had to press a button as soon as they saw something pop up on a computer screen. When the participants were given water, their reaction times were 14 percent faster.

Researchers attribute the increase in speed to the lessening of dehydration, which actually shrinks the brain. "There are also hormonal theories about how dehydration affects the brain and it is possible that water is fixing an imbalance there too," lead study author Dr. Caroline Edmonds told the Telegraph. "Around 80 percent of the brain is water, so it is clearly important to make sure it gets enough."

Other factors could include the possibility of thirst being a distraction, but we'll stick with the dehydration/brain-shrinkage imbalance theory, since it explains many a drunken Friday night.

Dirt: The Superfood That Makes You Happier, Smarter & Healthier

Heather Dessinger 51 Comments This post contains affiliate links.

Do your probiotics wear hockey masks? How about knee-pads all wrapped up in a hard enteric coating? If you’re taking a probiotic supplement now, there’s about a 99% chance that your good guys need protective gear for a walk in the park. Today, I’m going to introduce you to the Chuck Norris of probiotics.

Now before you start thinking an SBO is some new thing not to be mentioned in the presence of grandmothers and small children, I’m talking about soil-based organisms.

When someone says “probiotics,” most of us think of food: yogurt, water kefir, pickles, beet kvass, sauerkraut, etc. We might also think of other sources of beneficial bacteria – dairy or vegetable-derived probiotic pills. These types of bacteria are incredibly beneficial – I happen to have several in my fridge right now – but they have a couple of inherent weaknesses:

1. It&rsquos a next-level source of hydration.

&ldquoPickle juice contains [sodium], potassium, and water, which are all important for hydration,&rdquo says Alyssa Lavy, RD. And while water usually does the trick, if you need replenishment after a super hard workout or long day in the sun, electrolytes (a blanket term for good-for-you minerals, including sodium and potassium) can help. And that&rsquos where pickle juice&rsquos all-in-one status comes in clutch.

Lavy says approximately one and a half to three ounces of pickle juice per day should suffice&mdashwhether you're drinking the stuff straight or diluting it with water to tone down the flavor.

That said, pickle juice doesn't skimp on the sodium&mdashthree ounces (or six tablespoons) has 690 mg. &ldquoSo, you may want to limit your intake if you&rsquore watching sodium in your diet or already eating a high-sodium diet.&rdquo (FYI, the FDA recommends consuming 2,300 milligrams a day.)

6 Health Benefits of Swallowing Semen

What you eat impacts what your semen tastes like.

On the one hand, you can positively impact the flavor by eating foods such as celery or parsley, which sweeten the “seminal palette.” On the other hand, it means that basically everything else you eat will make it taste astringent, or like shit.

Over the years, Kiss has learned about the variabilities of eating cum, and how certain foods can enhance or ruin the taste of her friend’s tri-weekly batches.

“Every batch tastes different, depending on what he’s been eating,” she told Metro in 2016. “If he’s been drinking alcohol or eaten something particularly pungent, like asparagus, I ask him to give me a heads up so I know not to drink it neat. Things like pineapple and peppermint make it taste better, but I’ll happily take it straight off a spoon usually.”

If shooting straight semen seems too hardcore, you can ease yourself into the world with particular recipes. Paul "Fotie" Photenhauer, an author in the San Francisco Bay Area, has published two books on eating semen, either by incorporating it into food or cocktails.

You can mix it with butter, cottage cheese, and eggs to create “creamy cum crepes” or mask it with barbecue sauce and use it as a marinade for a chicken or meat dish. Desserts, with their high sugar contents and rich flavors, are great at concealing the taste of semen. Caramel sauces, cream fillings, and chocolate puddings lend themselves well to a drizzle or two of cum.

It blends well as a cocktail mixer because the liquor numbs the palette and dilutes some of the semen’s bitterness. Add it to a mojito for a hint of creaminess or to a cognac for some zest. Pro tip: Let the semen melt for a few minutes before adding it to a drink so that it’s easier to mix in. If it’s “unusually thick,” you can dilute it with a few drops of water.

6 Ways Your Cleaning Habits Could Be Hurting Your Health

Those with a creative eye know firsthand that inspiration is all around us. Whether you're energized by the earth tones of nature, a color-filled walk through a local farmer's market, or even by a quick scroll through Instagram, you never know what might spark a new creative project.

In the spirit of inspiring your next masterpiece, we're excited to partner with Bounty to fuel the next generation of artists and designers forward by launching a national design competition. We're calling on graphic designers to apply for a chance to see their work featured on a new Brit + Co and Bounty paper towel collection, set to launch in 2022.

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The Creatively You Design Competition launches Friday, May 21, 2021 and will be accepting submissions through Monday, June 7, 2021.


Who Should Apply: Women-identifying graphic designers and illustrators. (Due to medium limitations, we're not currently accepting design submissions from photographers or painters.)

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Artist Selection Process: Panelists from Brit + Co and P&G Bounty's creative teams will judge the submissions and select 50 finalists on June 11, 2021 who will receive a Selfmade scholarship for our summer 2021 session. Then, up to 8 artists will be selected from the finalists and notified on June 18, 2021. The chosen designers will be announced publicly in 2022 ahead of the product launch.

For any outstanding contest Qs, please see our main competition page. Good luck & happy creating!

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It looks terribly pretty, but I’m wondering if there isn’t a way to do this and still be able to eat the cranberries? Maybe with toothpicks? And at the end of the party you just slice the wreath and each guest takes a slice home? It’s just that I hate wasting food, plus cranberries, if I manage to find any fresh ones, are horribly expensive in France…

Daniel & Anna Marie Arcuri-Abbey says

My favorite is very ripe Kiwi & fresh mint from my Garden.
Mix in water & refrigerate till chill.
5oz. to cover that needy desire for a sweet drink.

Thanks for the yummy recipes!!Interested to try these out. I find water very boring and this is exactly what I needed!


I’m in tears crying from this comment LMAO.

You know you can do that with a blender on your own but then it would
be a smothi, also if you prefer to
pay alot of money for a little piece of dried fruit (loose of vitamins already) then keep in mind that those ingredient as well as any kind of smothi will plague your teeth. I mean if you prefer to add those bags you would ned your theets a god shrub after consuming because of fructose and tiny bits that could stick between. while infused water is just water. and if you are going to tell me that the content of his package is dissolved by water then it’s not natural ) and still has bunch of stuff in it you wouldn’t want in your body.
easiest way to have both benefits. infuse water at night make a smothi with left ofer ingredients from the water plus some freshly added one and start your day with the smoothi instead of coffee and drink the water trough out the day :P

1. Nuts

If you tend to snack on a candy bar at work, swap that with some nuts for a more productive afternoon. Sugar will give you a quick hit of energy but it doesn&rsquot last long (and is followed by a sudden, vicious crash). Swapping those empty calories with some healthy fats will give you longer-lasting energy and an improved ability to think. Just make sure you stick with a handful or two per day, because there can be too much of a good thing. All nuts are not created equally, so click here for a guide to the best and worst nuts for your health.

Note: A recent study published in Neurology found that a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids did not improve cognitive function in older women. The jury is still out but nuts are a positive and convenient alternative to sugar-laden snacks that won&rsquot sustain you.

Disease Prevention

Catechins, a powerful antioxidant abundant in many teas (especially green tea), has been shown to aid in the prevention of cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. Tea consumption has also been linked to increased dental health, lower cholesterol and enhanced immune system function. The overall health and disease prevention benefits linked to tea consumption are truly too voluminous to list. "If a young kid swapped out soda for an unsweetened green tea, who knows the amount of health benefits they'd find. It could help prevent cancer, improve cardiovascular health, prevent diabetes, help them manage their weight better, give them more energy and focus, and improve their oral health. Green tea's one of those things where the downside of consuming it is pretty much non-existent," Andrews says.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Cinnamon Water Daily


Cinnamon water reduced insulin resistance in women with PCOS

Cinnamon drink give a boost to the immunity system.

One cup of warm cinnamon water every day may help reduce the effects of menstrual cramps4. May Help In Inducing Weight Loss

Cinnamon water helps in weight loss

Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce excessive pain

Cinnamon may be capable of slowing down the progression of Parkinson's diseaseMake sure you consult your doctor before switching to drinking cinnamon water. So, enjoy its benefits and ensure a healthy you.

Neuro Coffee Says It Will Make You Smarter After Just One Cup

Coffee keeps you awake thanks to caffeine, but can it help your brain in other ways? One brand says its coffee will.

Neuro Coffee, which was developed by Dr. Michael Roussell, Ph.D. (a nutrition advisor, columnist for Men’s Health and Shape Magazine, and the author of four books on health and wellness), claims that one cup will boost proteins in your brain that are linked to mental acuity, learning, and general wellbeing.

Dr. Michael Roussell, Ph.D.

The key ingredient in Neuro Coffee is a patented antioxidant complex (taken from the oft-discarded coffee fruit) that the company has named NeuroFactor. According to the team, clinical trials have proven that NeuroFactor helps increase a protein called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which is known as “Miracle-Gro for the brain” by some scientists. BDNF levels decline as we age due to various causes (lack of sleep, stress, the oppressing weight of humanity). The lower the BDNF, the worse we feel and perform.

The brand also says that NeuroFactor maintains a self-affirmed GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status that is published for any consumer (or the FDA) to see.

According to the brand’s website, “This is a huge benchmark to achieve in documenting the safety of a product and if looking at other supplements in the marketplace, you will be hard pressed to find many others with this level of published safety vetting.”

Neuro Coffee

On the flavor side of things, Neuro Coffee tastes like, well, coffee. If you’ve had Folgers or Lavazzo or any of those brands, you’ll recognize Neuro Coffee. The ground beans come in four varieties: Breakfast, Donut Shop, Bold & Dark, and Decaf. The pods come in the same styles, excepting the Decaf. The similar profiles allow Neuro Coffee to slip into your daily routine basically unnoticed.

Where you might notice Neuro Coffee, though, is in your wallet. You can order Neuro Coffee in both ground form and as single-serve pods. One 12-ounce bag of grounds will cost you $45 and a one-month supply (30 pods) will cost you $60.

While this may seem high, the brand works to remind you that you’re paying not only for artisanally-roasted coffee but for a brain supplement at the same time. A quick search for similar supplements yielded Kavinace, which you can get 120 capsules of for $88. When you think of it in that way — and you are the person searching for a neuro supplement — then Neuro Coffee may be the thing for you, as it combines two necessities in life.

If you’re skeptical about Neuro Coffee, the brand offers a six-month 100 percent money back guarantee. If that doesn’t do it for you, Neuro Coffee will buy you four bags of your old coffee as well.

If Neuro Coffee is still out of your price range, why not check out these coffees instead?


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