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How to Mix Champagne Cocktails

How to Mix Champagne Cocktails

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There’s no question about it: Tomorrow night, you’re going to be drinking Champagne. Bottles of bubbly are practically a requirement at New Year’s Eve celebrations, but this year we suggest you take your sparkling wine to the next level—by enjoying it in a cocktail.

The simplest and oldest concoction that we know is the Champagne Cocktail, which dates back to 1862 and Jerry Thomas. It’s a refreshing mix of sugar, bitters and champers. Or you could try all-star bartender and advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout’s spin on the classic, the Forbidden Apple, which uses the French apple brandy calvados. (No matter which drink you decide to imbibe, you can watch Bezuidenhout demonstrate both in our latest How to Cocktail video.)

Make your New Year’s a bit more sophisticated with the Moulin Rouge, which calls for vodka, strawberry puree and almond orgeat. Our recipe comes from Pour Vous, a Los Angeles bar modeled after Parisian cafes that, of course, serves plenty of Champagne.

Hosting a bunch on New Year’s Day? Fix Joaquín Simó’s Sprezzatura Royale, which is on the menu at his New York establishment Pouring Ribbons. It combines Italian lambrusco with complex Amaro Nonino (plus cognac) for a delicious sparkling tipple.

And if that’s not enough bubbly recipes for you, check out our New Year’s cocktail slideshow for more of our favorites. Cheers to 2014!

Moulin Rouge

Contributed by Pour Vous


  • 1.5 oz Absolut Elyx Vodka
  • .5 oz Lime juice
  • .5 oz Lemon juice
  • .5 oz Almond orgeat
  • .5 oz Strawberry puree
  • 3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
  • Champagne or sparkling rosé wine
  • Garnish: Strawberry
  • Glass: Flute


Add all the ingredients except the Champagne to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a Champagne flute. Fill with Champagne and garnish with a strawberry.

Sprezzatura Royale

Contributed by Joaquín Simó


  • 1 oz Amaro Nonino
  • .5 oz Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac
  • .5 oz Wildflower honey syrup (2 parts honey, 1 part water)
  • .5 oz Fresh lemon juice
  • Dry lambrusco wine or other dry rosé sparkling wine
  • Glass: Flute


Add all the ingredients except the lambrusco to a shaker and fill with ice. Fill with lambrusco.

Watch the video: Champagne Cocktail. How to Drink (August 2022).