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Parisian dessert with sweet cheese

Parisian dessert with sweet cheese

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I warmed the milk a little, I melted the sugar and the yeast in the milk. In a larger bowl I sifted the flour, gradually added the milk, beaten eggs, salt, lemon and mixed well. I kneaded the crust a little with the oil and let it grow. I left the crust a little softer, I also used flour when I folded the Parisians.

Until the crust grew, I prepared the cheese filling. I mixed the egg with the cheese, sugar and vanilla sugar. You can add a little semolina if the composition is thinner.

When the dough rose, I divided it into balls. I spread each ball trying to get a square, I placed a healthy spoonful of the cheese composition on one edge of the square, the opposite side of the one I put the cheese I cut into strips, I rolled the dough over the cheese, then the strips cut.

I let them rise for another 15 minutes, I greased them with beaten egg, I placed them in the baking paper tray and I put them in the hot oven, for about 20 minutes, until they browned.

Powder the serving before serving. They are wonderfully warm, but also cold.


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