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Thermomix pasta and lentils

Thermomix pasta and lentils

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Thermomix pasta and lentils recipe by of 24-01-2018 [Updated on 24-01-2018]

There Thermomix pasta and lentils it is a very convenient way to bring these legumes to the table. The times are more or less the same but by using the Thermomix you can avoid being there to turn continuously while cooking the lentils and then the pasta. Here's mine pasta and lentils recipe for you!


How to make Thermomix pasta and lentils

Put the water and the lentils in the jug, then select 100 ° C on a soft / anticlockwise speed for about 25 minutes.
Then add the oil, salt, garlic and cook for another 5 minutes.
Now add the pasta and cook for the necessary time at 100 ° C always at soft / anticlockwise speed.
When cooked, lift the garlic clove, put the pepper and bring to the table.

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